Travel Insurance

Travel insurance provides guaranteed receipt of emergency medical assistance during a vacation abroad and compensation of costs associated with it, including the cost of transportation to home. The tourist has the right to receive services provided by the policy insurance program, while staying abroad in the territory specified in the insurance contract.

The standard policy includes such risks as medical and medical expenses, emergency dental care, transportation costs (evacuation of children, return after prolonged hospitalization), payment of urgent messages. The insurance policy can be expanded by covering additional risks – costs of loss or theft of documents, legal aid, flight delays. A tourist can insure luggage, personal and immovable property for the period of absence, civil liability, acquire insurance against travel.

Granit AS in cooperation with leading insurance companies of Azerbaijan provides travel insurance for its clients for the period of stay abroad. The insurance policy has property interests related to expenses incurred during the stay of insured persons outside the Republic of Azerbaijan, due to the need to receive medical assistance, repatriation and other services, including transportation.